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JABIS™ Process

The JABIS™ process is designed to minimize effort by key school and district personel.

It is necessary that JABIS™ have a district interface for the contract and a school interface for each school included in the contract. Each principal is responsible for all names on their campus and principals are the busiest, most interrupt driven, people on the planet. For that reason it is wise to have an assistant principal assigned to work with the project. The school person assigned is normally a member of the security team for the school.

Initial District Inputs

Transmitting/mailing the Architectural drawings for the site and the major buildings at a school to JABIS™ is the first step. This may be done before the contract, but it must be done before JABIS™ begins work on a school. The characteristics of these drawings establishes the final price for the school as well as setting the process for JABIS™ to begin the school. In some cases the drawings may be in vector PDF, bit-mapped PDF, paper, or may not be available. It is these characteristics that will determine your level of discount for each school. When we receive the drawings we will tell you your level of discount. Assembling these drawings and/or files does require effort on the part of the district facilities people.

Initial School Inputs

What we need initially from the school is their room number map and their evacuation map. The room numbers and evacuation routes will become part of the delivered JABIS™ product.
In addition to the maps JABIS™ needs to be told how to:
  • name and number the buildings on the campus,
  • name the modules and wings in buildings for the print modules
  • number the entrances to the buildings,
  • number the walks on campus,
  • number the vehicle entrances to the campus,
  • number the access points to the campus (if applicable),
  • number the unnumbered rooms on campus, and
  • number the unnumbered halls on campus.
The first two of these need to be completed before Jabis starts. The names and numbers can be handwritten on copies or obtained by a phone conversation with the school contact. The remainder can be obtained on the visit.
The numbers on the room drawing from the school are always used. The unnumbered rooms near a numbered room may have an "a" or "b" attached to their name to show they are different rooms near the numbered room. Minor buildings, portables, sheds, concession stands, etc., can have their names and numbers be defined when JABIS™ visits the site.

JABIS™ Preparation for Site Visit

With full awareness that there may be errors in the drawings they were given, JABIS™ will complete the preliminary site and floor plan drawings naming and numbering them as agreed upon. When this is complete a meeting will be scheduled with the school to schedule a site visit. The purpose of the visit is to provide an update on what has been already done and to gather the material to complete the project.

Site Visit

The main goal of the site visit is to review the progress to date, to resolve open issues, and for JABIS™ to walk the site to gather/correct data, and to take the photographs. JABIS™ minimizes district and school personel time to recieve all of the data needed on the delivered product. Most of the remaining data is transfered to JABIS™ orally or by pointing. This saves huge amounts of labor compared to a formal transmittal.

Copies of the work to date are shown and given to the district and school contacts. JABIS™ desires that any desired changes in the preliminary drawings be communicated in a day or two.

Data obtained in meetings

At this time there is a meeting with the plumber to determine the locations of the gas lines. The information can be transfered by plumbing drawings, marking them on an existing drawing, or by showing JABIS™ personel where the gas lines are during the site tour. Any other known hazzards to be shown on the drawings should be communicated at this time.
Issues that are resolved with the school interface at this time include the locations, on a site tour or a drawing, of the Incident command center, media gathering center, family reunification center, equipment gathering area, bus evactuation area, and the student evacuation areas. The name and number for any new stuctures on the campus get defined. The door codes showing open, card access, exit only, and facilities (dead bolt) get defined. If phone numbers are to be shown in the rooms, then an excel phone list showning the phone numbers and rooms is required. Visiting with the nurse allows us to obtain the locations of the defribulators, first aid kits, fire blankets, etc.

Walk the site and buildings

Usually over 90% of the time on a site visit is spent walking the site and buildings. When we are on site we comply with all district policies. When we are in the buildings, we prefer to be accompanied. There are many things that can be done in buildings during school hours without disrupting classes. However, the photographing of classrooms and halls is always done before or after school.

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JABIS™ personel will walk the site and verify that all buildings, walks, and drives are correctly located. Any new items will be noted. At this time JABIS™ personel will obtain the location, type, and height of fences. The gates will be located and a photograph will be taken of each fence.

Facilities and JABIS™ personel will then walk the site and the buildings. This is normally takes less than a hour's time for the facility person and transfers the facility data required. The gas, electrical, water, and fire sprinkler cut offs will be identified and photographed. The fire department water connections will be located. The intrusion alarm panel, fire alarm panel, cental power, master key, video camera and video monitors will be located and photographed. The Mechanical, electrical, storage and IDF rooms will be identified and photographed.

JABIS™ personel will then walk the buildings with custodial staff that has keys to almost all rooms. During these walks the locations of the doors, the door openings, the room numbers, and the access condition for the external doors will be verified. The locations of the video cameras and monitors will be confirmed. The locations of the fire extinguishers, alarm pulls, defribulators, first aid kits, and fire blankets will be noted. The types of rooms will be noted: special education, science, computer labs, nurse's station, custodial rooms, faculty, boys and girls rest rooms, lounges, work rooms, conference rooms, book rooms, offices and storage areas. All of the rooms and halls will be photographed.

Site completion

JABIS™ will take all of the material back to Austin and upgrade the preliminary plans with all of the information obtained on the trip. The photographs will be converted to final form with the proper names. The phone numbers will be placed in the rooms. The names will be added to the drawings. Any new items will be added, and anything that was to be corrected will be corrected. The various icons will be added to the drawings. Anything missing that can be obtained by phone or e-mail will be obtained by phone or e-mail.

If we feel the drawings are incomplete, we will schedule another visit to gather the necessary data.

If we feel the drawings are complete, we will schedule a trip for delivery and training.


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