JABIS™ has been in the imaging/electronic publishing/security business for 14 years in Austin, Texas. JABIS™ provides a service of computerizing school site and floor plans that minimizes the effort of the school and the ISD. The school and the ISD are involved, but the great majority of the work is done by JABIS™ people.

School Site and Floor Plan Samples

JABIS™ provides a service that creates school site and floor plans which meet the recommendations of the Texas School Safety Center for a school safety audit. This service obtains information from the school and district, but JABIS™ integrates the site and floor plans and verifies that the data is current. These plans are also very valuable for a school EOP. "Click" on Samples to see samples of JABIS™ plans from a real Texas school. The samples include instructions on how to download the Acrobat Reader and how set up the Acrobat Reader to maximize it for this application.

JABIS™ school and site plans are vector drawings delivered in the PDF format. They are usable on all equipment that can run the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader, which runs on almost all digital systems. Blackberrys, Windows computers, and Apple computers are a few of the digital systems can run the FREE Acrobat Reader. There is no software purchase required with the JABIS™ plans. The advantages of the vectorized PDF format are:

  • Plans can be magnified over a thousand times and they stay sharp,
  • Plans can be searched for names and numbers, and
  • Plans can have links which transfer you when they are "clicked"

Harris County Department of Education Approved Vendor Catalog - JABIS

JABIS™ is an approved vendor listed in the Harris County Department of Education Purchasing Cooperative Approved Vendor Catalog. Being an approved vendor assures our customers that they are getting a quality service at a competitive price. Schools can order our services through the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) without the effort or delay of either a full bid process or a sole source justification since we are an approved vendor. HCDE cooperative contracts satisfy the Texas Purchasing Bidding Laws and are available to HDCE members and potential members via the interlocal contract. Government Code 791, Interlocal Cooperation Contracts allows agencies to enter into cooperative contracts. There is no charge to the school district for this service by HCDE.
"Click" on the following to see the Harris County Education Department catalog of approved vendors in a new window: Catalog of Approved Vendors

JABIS™ Process

JABIS™ Computer site and floor plans are created with a minimum of effort from the school and the district while keeping the school and the district in control of the process. The labor is provided by JABIS™. To see the JABIS™ Process showing more details "click" JABIS™ Process. To copy the process PDF file to your computer for easy reference or printing use the "File" and "Save As ..." options on your browser.